Short Touring Kayaks

Comfortable kayaks with good stability and manueverability

Long Touring Kayaks

Kayaks that carry your gears with fast speed.

Sit In Kayaks

Wide open cockpit kayaks with single, tandem and triple seats(under development).

Rotomold Surfski

Surfskis for training and touring purposes.

Modular Kayaks

Kayaks that can be stored in your apartment and be transported in your SUV (under development).

Specialized Kayaks

Kayaks designed for specialized purposes (to be developed).

Who is the company?

Black Spring Kayaks' mission is to learn and create fancy products for paddlers.

The team?

With great teamwork between chief designer Celliers Kruger and experienced engineers specialized in roto molding, injection molding, hardware and composite molding etc., the team aims to create something proud.


In the first stage of the company, we spent over 16 months on getting every detail finalized on the first 2 kayaks (Bingo430 and F425), we believe creating reliable products is essential for further developments. 

What Black Spring Kayaks do?

At Black Spring Kayaks, the team is keen on discussing product details, testing prototypes and brainstorming better solutions before manufacturing them well.


Our determination to create innovative kayaking products, being trusted, and presenting proud products to global market. 


Innovation brings us to the market. 

Access to details


Abundant industrial experience makes perfect products.

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Industrial solution

We provide comprehensive solutions to kayaking products B2B requests.

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Manufacturing kayaking products with time and attention. 

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Partners Recruitment

Black Spring kayaks grows sustainably with partners. All cooperations are open, warmly welcome and respected.


We develop long term successful partnership with reliable distributors

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Black Spring will cover most kayak categories, 
including kayak gears and kayak fittings.

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We're looking for experienced kayakers who 
are willing to tell our products, and advise.

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